🏆Fan of Best Prediction🏆 :

🏆Fan of Best Prediction🏆 award will be claim by only loyal user of Best Prediction. Prize money for this contest will be ₹1001/-, Only those people can claim for this giveaway .whoever will be most active in live forum among list of active member and will follow the following rules. Whoever follows the rules and wins, that one person will win the 🏆Fan of Best Prediction🏆.

Rules :

1. Click on heart on live forum everyday. (90% minimum)

2. Engagement should be compulsory in whole month (Minimum 25 days).

3. Our YouTube channel must be subscribe by each and every contestant and like, comments on every video from starting date of contest. YouTube Link :

4. Your Disqus profile should be must open. If your profile will be lock then you can’t claim for 🏆Fan of Best Prediction🏆. You can check yourself from following link. If ☑️ tick is showing on Keep your profile activity private. Then must remove tick from that option. Check through Link :

5. If you will catch in any inappropriate behavior like misbehaving with someone/ sharing personal details on live forum/Try to create bad environment on site etc. Then you can’t claim for this give away.