🏆Giveaway For The Hundred 🏆 :

I am feeling glad to announce that Best Prediction is announcing that Giveaway for The Hundred League 💯 -2022 is ₹ 15000/- 😱. As an admin, I have decided the contest will be finished in 3 parts. 2 parts for the Maximum Match Winner and 1 part for the live contest during the running match. Prize bifurcation in the following way. Please take your serial number from me at telegram @anuj_golu or registered mail

1st Contest :
(Match No. 1 to 17)

1st Winner : ₹2500
2nd Winner : ₹1500
3rd Winner : ₹1000

Total Giveaway : ₹5,000

2nd Contest :
(Match No. 18 to 34)

1st Winner : ₹2500
2nd Winner : ₹1500
3rd Winner : ₹1000

Total Giveaway : ₹5,000

3rd Contest :
(Match No. 1 to 34)

Total 10 live contest worth ₹500 each, will give in live matches (Match No. 1 to 34). In live contest, I will give challenge to you and if you will win then you will be winner. Total ₹5,000 will be giveaway for live contest.

Terms & Condition:

1. Contestants can predict the team before 15 minutes from the match started in the daily live forum. (88% participation in match prediction compulsory.) If you will not follow the rule, you will be eliminated.

2. Click on heart on the daily basis.

3. Live engagement should be compulsory in live forum, if you won’t be active in live forum then you will be disqualified.

4. Your Disqus profile should be must open. If your profile will be locked then you can’t claim for a Giveaway. You can check yourself from the following link. If ☑️ tick is showing on Keep your profile activity private. Then must remove the tick from that option. Check through the Link:

5. If you will catch any inappropriate behavior like misbehaving with someone/ sharing personal details on the live forum/Try to create a bad environment on site etc. Then you can’t claim for this giveaway.

6. Please predict your team with your serial number. If you won’t write a prediction with your serial number, your prediction won’t count.

7. If you will leave the contest in the middle of the match (Part-1). You won’t be permitted to join the contest for the next part (Part-II).

8. Our YouTube channel should be must be subscribed to by you. YouTube Link: Click Here